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Various Artists, The International Cimbalom Festival

"Cimbalom, hammered dulcimer, lute with a 100 strings, whamdiddle, lumberjack’s piano, tympano, qanun, salteiro, hakkebord, jangion. No musical instrument on the planet is as widely distributed by so many different names and encountered in so many different styles. In May 1999, the stage of De Warande in Turnhout (Belgium) was taken by some of the world’s finest cimbalom players. The International Cimbalom Festival was initiated by the famous Kálmán Balogh from Hungary. The festival featured Marius Preda from Roumania on cimbalom, Nandkishor Muley from India on santur, Li Lingling (China) on yang-qin, Menashe Sasson (Iran/Israel) on santur, Johannes Fuchs from Austria on hackbrett, Olga Mishula (Belorus) on zimbaly, Viktória Herencsár (Hungary) on cimbalom, Tahir Aydogdu from Turkey on qanun and, of course, Kálmán Balogh (Hungary) himself. The album The International Cimbalom Festival gives a rare opportunity to hear this much underestimated instrument in the hands of some of the world’s finest musicians."