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Tata Mirando Royal Gypsy Orchestra/Nello Mirando & Hungarian Gypsy Ensemble, Dadesko Waszt

On Augustus 14, 1999, two gypsy orchestras made their appearance in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw: The Tata Mirando Royal Gypsy Orchestra and the Hungarian Gypsy Ensemble - with Nello Mirando linking the two. Nello is one of the younger members of the Mirando family. He is the son of the present 'Tata' (father) Kokalo, appearing regularly as primás - first violinist and orchestra leader - alternating with his uncle Moron. Nello Mirando selected young and highly talented musicians for the Hungarian Gypsy Ensemble - in this setting he is the older, more mature musician who as primás is supposed to keep the orchestra's young men in check. The title Dadesko Waszt means 'the hand of the father' and it is symbolic for the way this music is carried over to the next generation.