Burnside Album Details

Marshall, Craig, Point Of View

While best known as the crooning front man and creative force behind The Lucky Strikes - a Sinatra-style swing band that predates the resurgence of the '90's - Craig Marshall now emerges as a prominent figure in the pop scene. The ten songs on Point of View are smart and infectiously catchy as Marshall once again proves his ability to put forth radio-friendly pop songs. Resisting categorization, critics cite artists as diverse as Richard X Heyman, Badfinger, Marshall Crenshaw and XTC to describe Marshall's sound. Evident is his natural "McCartney-esque" melodic sensibility coupled with smart lyrics that speak to the universal. Point of View is Marshall's third solo release but his first foray into producing and he demonstrates that his talents go well beyond the lyric sheet with arrangements that are succinct and appropriately lush, yet dynamic. Point of View tips the hat to iconic pop styles but is clearly in step with contemporary indie-pop records and clearly places Marshall in the pantheon of pop songwriting with the likes of Aimee Mann, Neil Finn and Freedy Johnston.