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Tangerine Dream, 'Particles'

Tangerine Dream began in Berlin in the late sixties and released debut album Electronic Meditation in 1970. Their pioneering work with electronic music changed the world and led to a series of top ten albums around the world. In the eighties they created the soundtrack to Firestarter, Risky Business, Near Dark, Thief and Sorcerer among others. Their influence on Netflix hit show Stranger Things brings their story up to date. Particles is a double LP and double CD containing a mix of brand new material, the reinterpretation of a chunk of their 1975 smash hit album Rubycon, the live performance of some new and old music (including the title track to their 1982 album White Eagle) and their own cover version of the theme from Stranger Things. The band are playing live shows across the world in 2017.

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