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Shubaly, Mishka, 'How To Make A Bad Situation Worse' LP

Mishka Shubaly says “Has it been ten years? I had no idea I'd be alive in 2017, which is to say I planned on being long dead by now. When this record came out in 2007, it was met with... is there something quieter than silence? Still, a friend got it to Doug Stanhope and he got it to enough of you that it merited a proper rerelease with bonus tracks and old pictures from when I was still a corny pin-up for Alcoholics Unanimous. It's funny, when I was laboring to make this record and everything was going to shit, I convinced myself that this record was going to change my life. Then it came out and nothing happened. But ten years later, I have to say that it did change my life, and I'm grateful. Thanks for listening.”

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