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Animotion, 'Raise Your Expectations'

"Raise Your Expectations is the first studio album from Animotion in 26 years. Newly reformed, with the line-up including both original front people Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane, Animotion are back with an incredible set of original new music – and a new version of one of their signature hits, “Let Him Go”. Raise Your Expectations is an effortless adult contemporary confection that will be sure to find new fans, as well as please those already onboard. Animotion exploded into the hearts and Sony Walkmans of the world’s population in 1985 with their global smash hit debut, “Obsession”, which reached number five in the UK, six in the US and similarly high positions elsewhere. Raise Your Expectations brings the Animotion story bang up to date! "

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