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Damron, Michael Dean & Thee Loyal Bastards, Bad Days Ahead

Former I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House front man Michael Dean Damron, with his new band, Thee Loyal Bastards (Sam Henry from The Wipers, Allen Hunter from The Eels, and guitarist Morgan Geer) deliver a record reminiscent of its influences: Steve Earle, Alejandro Escovedo, Townes Van Zant, and Waylon Jennings. In a market so over-saturated with singer/songwriters pressing to pimp their wares with watered-down musings, where mediocrity is often congratulated with heavily moved units and radio play, Bad Days Ahead is an avalanche of brash truths and dark stories set to Damron's own Americana landscape. Like many of his songs prior, he has a penchant for targeting his subject with sniper scope eyes. The target most commonly aimed at on "Bad Days Ahead" is Damron himself. It seems Damron has picked enough bones to open his own graveyard and Bad Days Ahead is a well honed viewing of the bodies he has buried.