Burnside Album Details

Various Artists, Live From Nowhere Near You Vol. 2

Kevin Moyer went into his attic studio alone with an idea and emerged with an emotionally vibrant compilation full of life and found sounds. By collaborating street musicians with friends and music professionals, he tells a story of life on the streets and the roads leading to and from there. With thick layers of raw and polished instrumentation, the music hits like waves of emotion eddying between the warmth of a large wool blanket and the cold of a concrete pillow. As the sounds of turntable beats wind through crowded streets and dark alleys, inspired guitars and haunting vocals dig into your chest and squeeze your heart. Artists on this 3 CD Set include: Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Pink Martini, John Doe, Mike Watt, members of Pearl Jam, Spoon, Bright Eyes, Dandy Warhols, Decemberists, Third Eye Blind, Modest Mouse and more.