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Piney Gir Country Roadshow, The, Jesus Wept

Piney Gir taunts traditional country music with a big city edge. Jesus Wept is a nod to Piney's strict religious upbringing and her urge to walk the line between naughty and nice. There comes a time when everyone should question their faith and Piney (with the help of her trusty Roadshow) has channeled that into a record. It's Ingmar Bergman's Seventh Seal twisted through the eyes of a local drunk at the truck stop honky tonk. Piney has been hailed an 'indie Dolly Parton’" but this album is more Emmy Lou Harris in her Graham Parsons days: it's little girl lost; it's the devil in disguise and the devil looks good. Jesus Wept is Piney's book of revelations and she's taking you with her to heaven and back.

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