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I Was Totally Destroying It, Preludes LP

John Booker had about 35 songs and, like any working musician, not much time to do anything with them. The story of Preludes begins here, before its time—six years before, to be precise. Originally planned to be material for a new IWTDI release, when the band decided to take a more collaborative approach to their upcoming album (Vexations, due out in late 2011) Booker shelved most of the material. But when discussion began about an EP to release as a precursor to the new full-length, Booker brought the songs to the band. The result grew from a single to an EP to a full album of its own accord, born of the kind of musical camaraderie only the closest of artists achieve, and IWTDI ended up with two diverse sets of material. The songs focus mostly on themes of alienation, introspection, and anxiety; environs that IWTDI thrive in. This is surely a prelude to something big.

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