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Heligoats, The, Back to the Ache CD

Back to the Ache, is latest release from Washington-based singer/songwriter Chris Otepka and his Chicago-based band, The Heligoats. Otepka spent much of 2012 on tour as The Heligoats (both as a four piece and solo), as well as playing guitar with Clem Snide (including a 2 week tour of South America), crossing the United States 3 times and playing over 100 shows. 2012 also saw the release of The Heligoats' "Loose Ends" EP, their 3rd EP in as many years. After a successful full band tour, Chris Otepka and The Heligoats spent April & June 2012 in Chicago's Observatory Studios with Erik Rassmussen and Portland's Jackpot! Studios with Larry Crane to record the 12 new songs for "Back to the Ache." This is the first recording and musical collaboration between Chris Otepka and drummer, Nate Lanthrum in the 7 years since their time together in Chicago based indie/punk band Troubled Hubble.

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