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Shaken Growlers, The, The Shaken Growlers

Time to get yer groove on with the ass-kickin’ sounds of The Shaken Growlers. Three guys. One bass, one guitar, several drums. With singin’. 100% Pacific Northwest Rock and Roll, straight from their garage to your ever-pounding heart. Thirteen steaming chunks of rock and roll goodness, and yes, that is the “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” you think it is. The lowdown? The Shaken Growlers are a non-stop R&R band from Seattle, Washington. This is the first time they will be famous. The recipe? The Kinks + Dr. Feelgood + MC5 +The Coasters + The Sweet, plus everything else that makes great rock & roll, shaken not stirred, baby. Yum. Their motto? “We show up, tear it up & stay for the party.” True. Their shirts? Matching! Put’ em together and shake ‘em up – they are ready to come growlin’ to your funky town!