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Queen Annes, The, Released!

Magnificent 1997 unreleased album from Seattle’s Queen Annes follows up 2014’s super-rocking Something Quick 1980-1986 in its full splendor. The scoop: shortly after releasing The Mire on Vagrant Records in 1997, the Queen Annes headed back into the studio to record their masterpiece, Revenge! Squeezing in time when they could, they brought in horns and cellos as the spirits moved them. Upon completion, the album was sent out to master and then … nothing. A few CDR copies with a rubber stamp cover circulated around, but it never found a home beyond the dustbin of history. Nearly two decades later, we have recovered the 1997 master, restored the original front cover and presenting it to the public for the first time ever as Released! Released! contains not only eleven unheard and quite fine Q.A. songs – it has a Beach Boys and two(!) early Bee Gees tunes . Glorious!

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