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Navins, The, Not Yourself Today

The Navins are yer basic Seattle four-dude, two-guitar rock combo. Tain’t nuthin weird or freaky here- just one tight band with great songs living at the crossroads of indie, alternative, garage, jangle, twang and power pop, where absurd pop notions tinged with chemical longing meet the psychedelic, late-night creakings of the devil present in our every nature. Whew! Not Yourself Today is their debut recording, which by all accounts was damn near torpedoed before it could be released. The Navins, they don’t care. They just do what they do – they write songs, they record songs, and play noisy shows featuring melting Rickenbackers driven through vintage amps, seared by unhinged fuzz and dumb luck. Classic Pacific Northwest rock, straight from the garage to your ears.