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Gaytheist, Stealth Beats

Gaytheist. Gay. Atheist. Music for gay atheists? Sure. Music written by a gay atheist? Yes. Music for anyone that enjoys flopping about like a wet noodle in a dryer as chunks of concrete are thrown in every 30 seconds? Definitely. Gaytheist's song-writing motto: Keep it short. Play it FAST. Keep it interesting. "Would I want to sit and listen to this 30 times in a row?" Every time the answer is yes, a new Gaytheist song is born. And they are born several times a month, if not a week. Now that they've played every nook and cranny of Portland and Seattle, Gaytheist is ready to grow from their self-released albums on their own Corflax Records to their favorite indie label in the Milky Way, Good to Die Records with their 3rd full length, Stealthbeats.

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