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Sparks, Tori, The Scorpion in the Story

Tori Sparks’ third album, The Scorpion in the Story, is a tale in thirteen chapters, a tour diary in the form of a concept album. Each song was written about one of the many colorful characters Tori met while touring nonstop in 2008. It features an all-star cast of musicians with Tori’s strangely soothing voice front and center. Inside the album art is a map charting the origin of each song. Called “a knockout” by the Village Voice, Tori’s dynamic delivery is brimming with raw emotion. Her guitar playing is intricate fingerpicking intertwined with thumping blues. Think satin and cement dust, sweet soul with a knife-edge. Gut-wrenchingly deep lyrics with an ironic twist reflect Tori’s zany humor towards life’s lessons. The album includes a bonus track, a French version of the song “Merry Go-Round” (“Le Manège”). The Scorpion in the Story was co-produced with indeed rock guru David Henry (R.E.M., Ben Folds, Josh Rouse, Widespread Panic, Cowboy Junkies) , and features players such as Steve Bowman (Counting Crows), Will Kimbrough (Rodney Crowell), Viktor Krauss (Lyle Lovett, Mindy Smith, Allison Krauss), Fats Kaplin (Mark Knopfler) and Barry Walsh (Gretchen Peters).

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