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James, Cee Cee aka Christina Fasano, Spiritually Wet

We all know hardworking Cee Cee James as a superb blues/rock chanteuse with a bit of Janis on the side. In the old days, Cee Cee was known as Christina Fasano, The Funkywhitegirl. 2013 is the time to re-release her 1999 award winning CD, Spiritually Wet! Garnering endless top reviews, this blast from the past is a funkified slab of grooves that will knock your booty into action, make you look over your shoulder to see if anyone whose name was a symbol is watching and put your mind into contemplative bliss! Spiritually Wet rode the MP3 Funk Charts, when MP3.com was in its’ heyday at Number 2 right under the major label R&B group TLC. Spiritually Wet won the 10th Annual Los Angeles Independent Music Awards in 2000 for Best R&B Album and the song "It's Just A Funk Thing" was a top 10 winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Do yourself a favor and get down with Spiritually Wet…it’s a groovemaker!