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Foghorn Stringband, Boombox Squaredance

Although it plays old-time traditional music that sounds like it could come from the 1930s or earlier, the Foghorn Stringband is made up of five men who grew up listening to rock. Nevertheless, they were attracted to Appalachian folk music and traditional country, and took up instruments to play it. They began encountering each other at the National Fiddle Championships and in 2000 formed the first version of the band, which they dubbed Foghorn Leghorn. All these tunes are from the same recording sessions that went into Reap What, You Sow their second release from 2004. Imagine a sow that has a huge litter, uncontrollable, little blind mute piglets all over the floor. Each one is special, yes, but we just didn't have space for them all at the time, so we pickled a bunch and now we're cracking the jars open. I know food metaphors are cliche in old-time music, and so are pigs, but this recording is old-school that way. Fiddle tunes done around one microphone in a homemade package & a hand-drawn cover. It should be on a cassette.

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