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Stitchie, Real Life Story

Real Life Story showcases renowned dancehall reggae artiste Stitchie (aka Lieutenant Stitchie/Lt. Stitchie) 17 tracks recorded live in the studio, authentic reggae music masterfully produced, arranged, mixed and mastered involving Multi-Grammy nominated and winning producers and engineers. Stitchie’s Real Life Story is just that, Stitchie was the first dancehall reggae artiste to be signed to Atlantic Records, paving the way for other successful multi-platinum and gold selling reggae acts such as Sean Paul. During the fulfillment of his multi-album contract with Atlantic, Stitchie hit the Billboard Top 20 Rap Chart on several occasions; the most recent singles being “Mr. Lover” and “Ego Tripin”. Real Life Story is an album with the powerful gripping delivery of vocals, lyrics, styles, music and melodies. Stitchie has received a total of eighteen major reggae awards from his last two projects. Real Life Story represents Stitchie’s best work to date.

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