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David Grier, Evocative

David Grier’s accolades include three-time Guitar Player of the Year (International Bluegrass Music Assn.), one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Artists of the Decade (2000) and performances on four Grammy Award-winning albums. Evocative presents 10 original tunes, conjuring yet another musical milestone for an artist who constantly re-invents himself, always keeping one step ahead of expectations. Grier, legendary in Bluegrass and acoustic music circles, hasn’t left those roots behind. Instead, he has creatively expanded his musical territory. Evocative is full of pleasant surprises. These are smooth and melodic tracks from a virtuoso who doesn’t make it his mission to show off or prove his technical ability. Grier is immensely capable as a musician but the bottom line is David makes music that is enjoyable, covering a wide spectrum of tonal colors and musical landscapes. In his mastery of tone, in his precision picking and in the way he takes melodies apart and puts them back together, Grier nods to Norman Blake, whereas the rich and varied dynamics he brings to his interactions with other instruments recall the approach of Joe Pass. When he wails on electric guitar you might even think of a picker named Duane Allman.

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