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Porteous, Wyckham, 3AM

Wyckham Porteous and Andrew Loog Oldham have created a quiet, comfortable record that mostly features Wyckham's original tunes. However, Oldham remembered his early days in the business when he worked for The Beatles and felt this album should include a cover of "Please, Please Me", but recorded as it was meant to be originally as a tribute to Roy Orbison copying his slow and methodical way. Porteous has been a world traveler supporting previous albums that have been released in the US, UK, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands and Germany. Previous releases have reached the Top Ten on the Gavin Report's "Americana" chart. Producer Andrew Loog Oldham is a legend who says of Porteus “To me he’s like a white protestant west coast aesthete atheist Leonard Cohen meets Harry Dean Stanton whose voice is like a bottle of wine who has matured into a friend.”

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