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Lovinggood, Preston, Sun Songs CD

A simple guitar arpeggio and a distant, yet eager vocal kicks off Sun Songs, the much-anticipated solo effort of former Wild Sweet Orange frontman, Preston Lovinggood. A project four years in the making under heavy mentoring by label founder Jeffrey Cain (Remy Zero), Lovinggood finds himself exploring uncharted sonic territory with songs of desolation, longing, paranoia, and hope. The entire record is beautifully lo-fi with bits of punk rock, acoustic ska riffs , and new wave, but distinctly 21st century. Taylor Hollingsworth helmed the production and recording. Hollingsworth’s contribution to Sun Songs is undeniable with bluesy electric riffs, slide guitar, well-placed feedback, and creaky, sporadic drums. Not the predicable sequel to Lovinggood's past work, Sun Songs is a perfect left turn.

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