Burnside Album Details

Yorke, Andy, Simple

Andy Yorke is a UK singer/songwriter and former frontman for Unbelievable Truth (Virgin/Shifty Disco). Simple is Andy's first solo release and the record that almost never was. Andy walked away from a major label contract (twice!) and vowed never to return to music business. Luckily, he broke that promise with an album that captures much of the same emotional and thematic richness found in UnTruth, but with the intimacy of self awareness that only a solo record can afford. Andy is also the brother of Radiohead's Thom, but comparisons are unwarranted as Andy more than stands on his merits. Find out who the press is calling "an artier, one-man version of the Fray" (The Washington Post) and "rawer and more haunting than that of contemporaries like Damien Rice" (Rock Sound).