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Lhamo, Namgyal, Songs From Tibet

Three years ago Namgyal Lhamo, her sister and a friend released Voices from Tibet as the group GangChenpa. Namgyal decided to release a solo album. Songs from Tibet is a personal choice of the songs she learned during her childhood. Namgyal’s passion is to explore the artistic challenges of Tibetan music. She had the great opportunity to hear and learn Tibetan songs from many famous musicians and singers. This heritage is shared in a pure form, but with her artistic interpretations. Tibetan songs provide the artist with the freedom in choosing the range of instruments to accompany the song and the way to express emotions. When performing Namgyal often uses the dranyen, or Tibetan lute. The light classical songs and some folk songs are accompanied by the gyumang which is similar to the Western hammered dulcimer. Tibetan opera is accompanied by a nga (drum) and buk (cymbals). Of course Tibet is famous for its religious music and chanting, but there is a beautiful heritage of worldly songs with wonderful melodies, beautiful lyrics, and a variety of styles and techniques in which the human voice is used.