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Supernaut, Livid Vol. 1

Describing themselves as “full contact rock ‘n’ roll”, Portland, Oregon’s Supernaut come out of the gates with a big bang. That big bang, “Livid Vol. 1”, is a hard-hitting, Ramones-meets-Motorhead-meets-Cheap Trick slab of hard rocking, hard knocking, melody-laden, sing-along modern rock songs that will remind you of a time when rock bands weren’t cookie-cutters – and actually had emotions! “Livid Vol. 1” offers up six juicy, fierce, pull-no-punches songs about relationships, as well as the general bruises, bumps, and turbulence of life. If you’ve ever wondered what a bunch of metal-loving, punk-fanatic, Cheap Trick-obsessed musicians would sound like if they made the hardest, most direct sound and incorporated it with aggressive energy and plenty of pop to boot, then this is your ticket.

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