Burnside Album Details

Stoley P.T., Lesson #1

Stoley P.T.’s “Lesson #1” finds the New York-based power trio delivering a sound that is a cross between Pavement and The Pixies, trying to pretend they’re pretty like Olivia Newton-John. There are hooks, and noise, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics to keep you interested, while the quirkiness of the band’s guitar-rock sound reels you in. Fronted by guitarist/songwriter Stoley (formerly front man from RCA Recording Artists Lupins, a band featured on the Dumb and Dumber movie and soundtrack), Stoley is an interesting character. Have you heard of Gun-totin’, NASCAR driving Jesus on Late Night with Conan O’Brien? Well, that is just one of Stoley’s characters he plays as a regular on the Conan O’Brien show. That’s right; Stoley supports himself as an actor on Conan’s show. But, that’s not all you might find interesting about Stoley. He won MTV’s Joe’s Apartment contest… that’s right, he actually won that contest, giving him a one-year, rent-free luxury apartment in New York, he and his wife decided to leave Chicago and move to N.Y. To make a long story short, we cut to “Lesson #1”. Filled with lots of guitars, plentiful hooks, and smoldering melodies, “Lesson #1” offers up a slice of guitar-rock that is equal parts pop commodore and indie playfulness, all spun in a quirky, sometimes tongue-in-cheek manner that catches the listener off guard and reels them in so they’re quickly singing along to such notable lines as “good morning chest pains, it’s good to have you back where you belong”, an otherwise depressing line about the pains someone is having, sung in a way that makes you both sing along with a smile and think about what is really going on in the song.