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Various Artists, Piano in the House

Adventure Music announces the release of Piano Na Casa (Piano in the House), a recording that features nine of Brazil’s finest piano players, all performing solo compositions. We hear lively choro, frevo and merengue styles, as well as quiet meditations built on rich jazz harmonies. Each pianist has impeccable technique and deep imagination, evoking traditions and moods that feel unique to Brazil and yet part of a global sound.The nine performers on Piano Na Casa are Tiago Costa, Amilton Gody, Karin Fernandes, Hercules Gomes, Benjamin Taubkin, Julia Tygel, Ze Godoy, Fabio Torres, Heloisa Fernandes. Each of them has been recognized in Brazil and beyond with awards and accolades. All enthusiastically enjoyed the collaborative process, noting that pianists rarely get the chance to work together.

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