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Various Artists, Contemporary America - Another Center

10 musicians from 7 South American countries ”This CD, for me, is the fruit of a magical encounter and the realization of a dream. I’ve always asked myself why Brazil has such little contact with the other South American countries. My collaboration with the Mercado Cultural da Bahia opened doors on a variety of fronts: through the materials that came in from several South American countries. Complimenting these connections was my contact with Carlos Aguirre, who I have had the privilege of playing with on other occasions. We began to think about the possibility of establishing a group with this formation. And through the suggestions, contacts, and partnerships we had with this diversity of musicians and producers, we came up with this current ensemble. This is a process under-construction that will give rise to new projects of collaboration and exchange; of rich and delightful mutual experience; of many stories and tales... I hope this adventure of ours touches you all in the same way.” – Benjamim Taubkin, pianist/producer

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