Burnside Album Details

Taubkin, Benjamim + Adriano Adewale, the vortex sesssions

"This is a project of friendships and partnerships which life places before you and somehow you feel you should believe in it. The first one is the producer of this album, Luiza Morandini, with whom I have been collaborating for the past 5 years. We have thought, worked, dreamt and spoken a lot. The second is Adriano Adewale with whom I share this music. We did not rehearse or speak about what we wanted to record. We left it all for the moment; that was for me the great and unexpected magic of this project. The music just happened and most of it was created on the spot, born at the time. It makes me happy to think about this music and the way it was conceived. I hope you can feel throughout this music the happy atmosphere present at every stage of this CD." Benjamim Taubkin