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Taubkin, Benjamim, Al Qantara--The Bridge

“In 2009, Brahim El Mazned invited me to perform at Timitar Festival, in Agadir, southwest Morocco. Having been fascinated by the music of the region ever since, I proposed a concert bringing together Brazilian and Moroccan musicians. Brahim not only embraced the idea, but also suggested some of the best instrumentalists from the country. The meeting offered all the participants a special and inspiring experience. Great music, rhythms, music phrasings here and there, being developed, discovered and recognized. From their culture, we could acknowledge a range of Gnawa, Berber and Arabic influences in different kinds of Brazilian music. I hope this album can convey all of a so beautiful atmosphere generated during these days in Morocco and in Brazil. My heartfelt thanks to everyone involved - musicians and producers. And to life for providing such encounters.” Benjamim Taubkin

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