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Silveira, Ricardo, Organ tRio

“The organ trio format with the Hammond B3, guitar and drums has always been interesting to me, and some of my favorite guitar players have recordings with that instrumentation. Every time I had a chance to see an organ trio live it made me wonder how great it would feel to play in that context. In January of 2012 I got an email from Vanessa Rodrigues recommended by Randy Brecker as a Hammond B3 player. We soon played together for a couple hours and I knew right away we were ready to put a trio together with Rafael Barata. We booked our first show in Rio in May. The recording of that night got the attention of Adventure Music, and since then we’ve recorded a few other shows and in the studio. We’ve decided to release those recordings together as a 2-CD set. One studio CD and one live CD, with tracks from different shows, including a couple from our very first gig.” – Ricardo Silveira

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