Burnside Album Details

Scow, Eva & Dusty Brough, Sharon By The Sea

"An intricate fusion of jazz, Brazilian and classical music that speaks to the best of each genre, Sharon by the Sea features the talents of Eva Scow (mandolin and violin) and Dusty Brough (guitars), two rising stars on the acoustic music scene. On Sharon by the Sea, Eva and Dusty have surrounded themselves with a group of musicians whose adventurous spirits match their own, including bassist Kevin Freeby, percussionist John Martin III, Javon Davis on keyboards and Mark Summer on keyboards. Honoring the tradition of their musical roots while exploring the boundaries of improvisation, Eva – who has performed and recorded with such legendary artists as Mike Marshall, David Grisman, Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck – and Dusty – whose resume ranges from work with artists as diverse as Jesse Cook and Michael Buble – have designed a unique landscape of melody and rhythm, rich in atmosphere and texture.