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Santiago, Daniel, Union

"Union is Brazilian guitarist,Daniel Santiago’s fourth project on the Adventure Music label. In 2006, he released On the Way, his debut solo recording, at the age of 27. It was produced by bandolim master, Hamilton de Holanda. Daniel was guitarist in Holanda’s highly acclaimed Quintet, which also recorded for Adventure (Brasilianos, Brasilians 2, Brasilianos 3). In 2009, Daniel released Metropole, and most recently, Simbiose (2018), with fellow Brazilian guitarist, Pedro Martins. In addition to de Holanda and Martins, Santiago has performed with some of Brazil’s leading stars, such as Djavan, Joao Bosco, and Seu Jorge. On Union, all nine tracks are original compositions by Santiago, except “Caminhada” and “Na Beira” that were co-written with Pedro Martins, and “Valentina” which was co-written with Joana Duah. "

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