Burnside Album Details

Neto, Jovino Santos and André Mehmari, Guris

Two of Brazil’s finest keyboardists, Jovino Santos Neto and André Mehmari, have joined forces to honor composer and multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal. Jovino is a three-time Latin Grammy nominee and amongst the most respected Brazilian musicians of the day. A respected educator, a valued sideman, and a master composer and arranger, he (as does Pascoal) considers his music beyond category, neither classical, jazz, nor Brazilian, rather “above it all.” Andre Mehmari represents the best of the younger generation of Brazilian musicians, highly regarded in both popular and classical worlds. Both Santos Neto and Pascoal were heroes of his growing up. To celebrate Hermeto’s 80th birthday, they selected ten mostly unrecorded gems from his vast archive, and the result is rich with creative abandon, joyful rhythm, and telepathic interplay.