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Marshall, Mike & Choro Famoso, Segunda Vez (Second Time)

The music on this CD spans virtually the entire history of choro. Developing in Rio de Janeiro sometime around 1870, choro was originally a term applied to a way of playing by local musicians who interpreted the popular music of the day — European waltzes, polkas, schottisches, and modinhas — through a distinctly Afro-Brazilian aesthetic lens. Choro Famoso shares a fascination with choro’s virtuosic melodies, rich harmonies, and the varied rhythmic structures that make it such a challenge and a joy to play. Choro music is now over 140 years old, but it is by no means relegated to a museum. If you go to Brazil today, you will hear many young musicians playing choro at a high level, composing new tunes, and generally carrying the music forward into the 21st century. The past two decades have also seen steady expansion of interest in choro worldwide with fine groups emerging in Europe, Asia, and of course here in the United States. Segunda Vez represents the Choro Famoso take on this wonderful musical art form