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Mitchell, Waddie, Sweat Equity

"I’d rather have a new roll of duct-tape than another cowboy poetry record." - Waddie Mitchell America’s award winning buckaroo poet is back with a new album of old and new, studio and live, real and imagined, cowboy and western words strewn together to make you laugh and cry. Because he knows that this can get tiring to some (see above quote), Waddie has infused these 14 tracks with some musical intervals by his friends The Gillette Brothers of Crockett, Texas. He has performed around the world, featured in People, Fortune, The New York Tiomes, National Geographic and the Super Bowl Official program. He created the Elko Cowboy Poetry gathering and a poem at the request of The Olympics. From Carnegie Hall to the Tonight Show to his ranch in rural Nevada, Waddie never stops working and we’re all the better for it.

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