Burnside Album Details

Puts Marie, Pornstar/Horse Gone Far 7"

Puts Marie, Switzerland's best-kept musical secret, proudly lands on American shores via a limited-edition release from Voodoo Doughnut Recordings. Featuring the extraordinarily expressive lead vocalist Max Usata and a backing band comprised of bass, drums, guitar and Farfisa organ, this two-track teaser exhibits road-tested chops from a phenomenal alternative group that, while deeply influenced by American musical styles ranging from hip-hop to Appalachian folk to free jazz, has yet to set foot in the USA. The A-Side, "Pornstar," evokes 90s-era Beck and the Beastie Boys. Its irresistible hook is already an arm-swaying favorite on the European festival circuit. The B-Side, "Horse Gone Far," is a dirty blues rumination on wartime hardship, reminiscent of Tom Waits circa Heartattack and Vine. After a decade on small stages and in central plazas, Puts Marie is now a mature and powerful musical force, riding the peak of both their songwriting and dramatic performing powers.