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Hazel, Live in Portland

The fourth Voodoo Doughnut Recordings' series of live archival releases from Portland's early '90s features hometown heroes Hazel at their upset, energetic, melodic best. Recorded in1993 at the all-ages XRay Cafe and on the back of a flatbed truck (as part of a benefit show for homeless youth shelter Outside In), the two halves of the album exhibit Hazel inhabiting two unique but complimentary sonic spaces, both within six weeks of their full-length debut on Sub Pop. Hazel was short-lived project but influential on the Portland music scene. Guitarist and vocalist Pete Krebs evolved into a journeyman performer of not just underground rock but traditional jazz and country. Along with drummer and vocalist Jody Bleyle (Team Dresch), bassist Brady Smith and dancer Fred Nemo, Hazel left a powerful mark on the droves of grunge and indie songsmiths who followed.

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