Burnside Album Details

Wynia, Robert, Iron by Water

"Robert Wynia is the singer / songwriter from the critically acclaimed, nationally known band Floater. With this debut solo album he has created a masterwork of darkly beautiful and unforgettable music. The fusion of alt-country, pop, blues and rock is hard to pigeon-hole, but easy to lose yourself in. The elegant blending of acoustic guitars, cellos, violins, church organs, and lap steel guitar moves seamlessly from simple and stark songs in the soulful tradition of classic blues to grand, near Rock Opera scaled production, all the while sounding effortless and natural. At the core of every song is Wynia's trademark soulful voice, perfectly crafted melodies and stirring lyrics, carried by the heartbeat pulse of the drums. This collection of songs weaves a tapestry in rhythms and film-score style music, with enough pop sensibility to keep the listener wanting more. "