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Whizpops!, The, Science and Wonder

Science and Wonder is one of the most diverse children's albums of all time. Spanning reggae, celtic, rock, blues, rap, funk, jazz, and pop, The Whizpops! have covered a wide swath of music in an educational and comedic fashion. This album not only covers a multitude of genres, but a wide range of content as well. Topics include, dinosaurs, bugs, allergies, penguins, the rainforest, the water cycle, the watershed, and animal adaptations to name a few. There is something on this album for everyone, and several adults have been caught listening to it without any kids in the van! The Whizpops! continue to infuse education into their energetic grooves and listeners usually walk away with a better understanding of the natural world we live in. Check out Science and Wonder and get your educational dance party going!

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