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Black Francis, The Golem CD

Groundbreaking as the film was, Golem sat 'silent' for nearly 88 years until the San Francisco International Film Festival requested Black Francis score the film and perform it live for their annual film festival in April 2008. Despite the sold out show, the score has never been performed live since. However, BF recorded the resulting double album in a matter of days in SF at Hyde Street Studios, with help from longtime collaborator/ producer Eric Drew Feldman. The album features Black Francis on vocals/guitar, the late Duane Jarvis on lead guitar, Feldman on keys, Joseph Pope on bass, Jason Carter on drums and Ralph Carney on horns. We are pleased to announce the official release of The Golem Rock Album: a stunning one-hour 'rock opera' derived from the original, now unavailable, 2-disc album. "this album ranks, alongside Teenager of the Year and Dog in the Sand, as part of his best solo work to date Tiny Mix Tapes “The Golem is not a Pixies album, but it is a Black Francis record that walks and talks surprisingly well” Pitchfork “ The Golem shows a new side to an already multifaceted musician.” Alarm

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