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Black, Frank, Oddballs CD

The Bureau is proud to present the release of Frank Black's Oddballs, a collection of rare gems recorded between 1994 and 1997. Though technically a re-release, Oddballs is a special treat for fans and historians of Black's epic career. In its initial release in 2000, it was only sold to the lucky folks who went to Frank Black and the Catholics shows. The album has long been out of print. Oddballs' was made during Frank Black's transition from a solo studio magician to a purist who recorded everything totally live to 2-track (the method which would eventually be perfected by Frank Black and the Catholics). Many of Oddballs' treasures are b-sides either from Black's 1994 acclaimed studio masterpiece Teenager of the Year or from the almost-live, totally raw and powerful Cult of Ray from 1995. Though these oddities are obscure, they are in no way throwaways. Rather, Oddballs gives us a deeper glimpse into Black's unique vision of rock n' roll.