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Clark, Violet, Pure O

The Bureau is happy to announce the exciting new single from Violet Clark, Pure O, a playful and candid venture into unconventional yet catchy danceable pop territory. The song Pure O is told through the lens of an obsessive compulsive mind. The off-kilter lead synthesizer that kicks off the song and comes and goes throughout signifies a brain on the verge of being “ripped apart”. But Violet holds it all together with cool finesse and stylish pop melodies. Aided by the punchy spot-on drums of Noam Schatz and the distinctive acoustic guitar strumming of Pixies’ head honcho Black Francis, Violet Clark magically conjures quirkiness with a payoff, complete with a chorus that you’ll have a hard time getting out of your head. Pure O also features the B-side She's My Girl, a commanding and sizzling cover of indie darling Ariel Pink's modern lo-fi classic.

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