Burnside Album Details

Volkaert, Redd, Reddhead

"Reddhead is a showcase for Redd Volkaert’s guitar virtuosity in country, blues, jazz and western swing, as he glides effortlessly between genres without missing a lick. Grammy nominee, sessionman, guitarist of choice for Merle Haggard, member of both Heybale! and The Lucky Tomblin band, Volkaert is revered as “one of the Telecaster visionaries of his generation.” (No Depression). The 14 songs on the album include a number of originals, plus Redd’s unique take on The Box Tops classic, “The Letter,” as well as such other chestnuts as “End of the Line,” “Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line,” and the sizzling Buddy Emmons instrumental, “Raisin’ the Dickens.” “When Leo Fender dreamed up the Telecaster electric guitar back in ’49 or so, it’s doubtful he knew what uses it would be put to, especially in the hands of someone like Redd Volkaert."Austin Chronicle.