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O'Halloran, Emily, Morphine and Cupcakes

Emily O'Halloran is not a trend-driven artist. Fresh and seemingly in her own world, she writes smoky Americana, her husky voice enveloping each track like cut velvet. Delivering her poetically understated songs in a penetrating baritone, Emily creates a cinematic Americana ghost town of landscape shot through with a raw, mystical energy -- bordering at times on the shamanic. Her voice speaks volumes, like her lyrics, deep, intimate, and intensely compelling,. Think Nico and Tom Waits. For Morphine and Cupcakes her debut outing, Emily joined forces with Producer Mark Howard, who's many legendary collaborators include (Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams and Tom Waits). Her debut album ""Morphine and Cupcakes"" is a doped-up serenade for the Bonnie's, the Clyde's, the lovers and the thieves. It is desert music, well past midnight in an old pick-up truck where you don't know where the ground ends and the stars appear.