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Jez Lowe, Tenterhooks: The Art Edition

Tantobie Records continue their re-issue series of Jez Lowe's back catalogue with the release of "Tenterhooks: The Art Edition", a deluxe package featuring Jez's 1996 album, originally available on the American label Green Linnet, now presented with special new art-work by esteemed County Durham artist Tom McGuinness. The new edition comes with no less than SIX bonus tracks, taken from Jez's 1994 album-project "Banners", commissioned by East Durham Arts Council as a celebration of the region's coal mining heritage, written and produced by Jez, with around 200 local musicians from every stylistic background. Long unavailable, "Banners" was hailed as "one of the folk albums of the decade" by the Daily Telegraph in 1999. "Tenterhooks" was given a four-star review in "Q" Magazine upon its release in 1996, and Tom McGuinness's work has earned him an international reputation as one of the leading artists of our time. "Tenterhooks: The Art Edition" is a unique collection and a worthy addition to Tantobie Records ever expanding catalogue of work by Jez Lowe.

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