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Lie, Terje, Urban Vacation

In 2009, Saxophonist Terje Lie hooked up with multi-Grammy winner Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets and legendary keyboardist/composer/producer Jeff Lorber to make a new album. The result is Urban Vacation, which gave rise to a fascinating collaborative process that sparked what became a truly adventurous, R&B-driven jazz fusion date. A CD that goes far beyond the general contemporary or smooth jazz album, Urban Vacation should strike jazz fans of all stripes as more organic and adventurous than the typical sax recordings coming out these days. Haslip, Lie, and Lorber all contribute to the writing process and features the playing of Haslip and Lorber on all tracks along with Tony Moore on drums. Guitarists Mike Landau and Dwight Sills, bassist Ernest Tibbs, and drummer Jeff Olson are also featured on selected tracks.

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