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Lewis, Laurie, Blossoms

For the last decade, Laurie Lewis' recordings could fit pretty comfortably in almost anyone's definition of "bluegrass music." Twice voted the International Bluegrass Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year, she is widely recognized for her ground-breaking work in that field. With the release of Blossoms, she is stretching those boundaries, and expressing a creative freedom that, while her traditional string band roots are still evident, cannot be tied to one genre.Blossoms blends multiple musical genres that may not be anticipated by devoted Laurie Lewis bluegrass fans, but those who have followed her most closely will see it as a natural outgrowth of her musical sensibilities and varied influences. Sophisticated lyrics, unexpected folk hybrids, twangy country, traditional and contemporary bluegrass and a cappella harmonies topped off with melded tinges of jazz join to create a joyful compilation of songs. Blossoms is charmingly delightful, intimate, meditative, heart-touching, evocative, funny, mournful and elegantly refined. Successfully meshing eclectic styles, Laurie Lewis weaves together layers of textured music to create a tapestry of positivity, fulfillment and inspiration.