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Light For Fire, Light For Fire LP

Vinyl version. Isolation, alcoholism, and unrequited love: These are the prevailing themes on Light For Fire’s debut album. Forged from the ashes of a broken heart, J. Nicholas Allard set about telling the story of a summer spent in Brooklyn with an old friend, but riotousness and overindulgence have a price, and Allard paid dearly. Enter Jeremy Sherrer: Having reconciled the differences that led to the demise of The Village Green, Allard and Sherrer began discussing collaborating again. When Sherrer heard the sparse, raw-sincerity captured on Allard’s demos he became inspired. Spirited by an eagerness to shuck the anglophilic sounds that characterized The Village Green and a mutual fondness for exotic instruments and world music, Allard and Sherrer set about crafting an album of simple intricacies, with an emphasis on performance and honesty.

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