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Tripwires, The, House To House CD

The term “supergroup” tends to get abused, but there’s no question that it fits The Tripwires as well as one of Mark Pickerel’s immaculate vintage shirts. In addition to drummer Pickerel (ex-Screaming Trees, Truly and singer/songwriter extraordinaire in his own right), the Tripwires are John Ramberg (The Model Rockets, The Minus 5), Jim Sangster (The Young Fresh Fellows) and Johnny Sangster (ex-Dear John Letters, in-demand producer and Seattle’s secret musical weapon.) House To House is the band’s second album, and their first for new label Spark and Shine. It is, as they say, a “corker” — a rip-roaring collection of snazzy power-pop that showcases an undeniable musical chemistry as well as master craftsmanship in the songwriting department. We can’t verify that it can level small villages, but we can absolutely state that it has been single-handedly responsible for inciting dance marathons, improving posture and increasing the sale of hair-care products in the 206 area code.

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